A little about us…

Welcome to Wild in WAnderland!

We live and run the Wild in WAnderland Shop out of our home in the beautiful state of Washington. You will notice on some of the branding it appears as WAnderland, with the WA standing for the great state of Washington. If you live here, or have ever visited, you know what an epic wonderland this place is to wander in. From the shores of the ocean to the beaches of Puget Sound, the peace of the mountains to the hustle and bustle of the city, the dry desert lands of the east to the thick, wet rain forests in the west, Washington offers it all.


Wild in WAnderland started solely through my (Jami) love of maps and his (Justin) love of adventuring. Basically just like us, this shop came together as a match made in heaven. The first series I ever created for the shop (over 5 years before the shop opened) was the ‘Heart Marks the Spot’ series (pictured below). Up until opening day of the shop in 2017, my cousin and myself were the only ones to own a piece of this series! During those 5 years it was tweaked a bit, and now I think it is just the right combination of simple and perfect, and can be used in so many circumstances:  hometowns, favorite vacation destination(s), special moments like engagement or wedding locations, newborn nursery art, dormroom decor, documenting the many moves of military life, or just your straight up nomad life. Whatever makes that map dot special to you, works for us!

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Since our launch in April of 2017, we’ve grown!  We offer an assortment of map, adventure, and nature related treasures, from prints, to print stands, décor, jewelry, and apparel *coming soon*.  You are sure to find something for yourself or the nature/map lover in your life.  So treat yo self.

We carry a range of ready to ship items, as well as items that you can customize to suit your home and adventures personally. So let’s get personal!

As for myself, when I am not working on creating awesome products for the shop, I am busy loving on my 3 guys. I am the doting wife to my hardworking, handsome big guy and loving mom to my two sweet & fun-loving little guys (2 & 5). We love adventuring and try to get out with friends and family as much as possible! We spend our weekends exploring, road tripping, camping, hiking, fishing & hunting all over the Pacific Northwest. We love the diversity in landscape and activities that Washington State and the PNW provides. Basically we love ‘that PNW life’.

Hugs & snugs, and thanks for exploring Wild in WAnderland!