That time we stayed in a Yurt…

Last weekend was our anniversay. 7 years ago, we were married on a beautiful beach in Maui, footloose and fancy free.  Fast forward those same 7 years and we are now knee deep in nap times, preschool life, swim lessons, and Mac ‘n cheese. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a glorious life, but when we get those snippets (that don’t happen nearly as often as they should) of that footloose and fancy free vibe, it can be completely refreshing to the soul.

Early Saturday rolled around and we were up and moving. After dropping our kiddos off at Papa & Nana’s we hit the road in search of sun. …because so far this spring in Western Washington has been anything but springy. After making our way through the snow covered pass, we finally found blue sky (well, patches) and country roads.

Country roads, take me home to the place I belong…

We arrived to the resort a little before check-in, so our room wasn’t quite ready yet. We took this free time to explore some of the beautiful property…

Cave B Inn & Winery
Fun fact: I did inquire with them 8 years ago about having this be our wedding venue! Now that I have visited 8 years later… I still think it would be a fabulous place to wed. We however ended up choosing Maui where we had gotten engaged.

We then hopped back in the truck and went off exploring. I had seen on the map (read: Google maps) a little community tucked away down by the river -not many houses along this part of the Columbia, so I thought it was intriguing. After driving down a little switch back road deep into the canyon we arrived to a little pocket of what looked like mostly vacation homes. We found a sweet little community park and decided to hop out and head towards the river. Now I spent the whole week prior checking the weather all day, every day. 65* and mostly sunny! I guess they forgot to mention the 25* wind chill.  …it was so windy and cold the river had white caps and little water tornados coming off of it. 😯 

Wind hair, don’t care?

We also stopped for a little play time at the park. Our boys would be SO jealous. 😏

Layers, upon layers.

We headed back to the resort to check-in and take a little power nap… because no kids yo.

Our little yurt community among the vines.
Can you believe I didn’t take a single picture of the inside! But if you were following me on Instagram you got a glimpse on Insta Stories. The inside has a bed, leather sectional, table and chairs, mini fridge and coffee maker, and a full bathroom.

We didn’t have dinner reservations until 8 so we thought we’d get ready anyways and head over to the wine tasting room.  It was perfectly situated facing west with a beautiful view of the canyon and river.  We got there shortly after 6 and it was already closed! Not sure if it always closes this early on a Saturday or if there was a private event? …So my husband’s sunset watching and wine sipping dreams were dashed.  But don’t fear- because without a moments passing he came up with the great idea to watch the sunset while hunting for deer sheds. …because deer shed season, duh.

The face of someone super stoked to shed hunt in dress clothes and dress boots in the 40 degree evening. 😅
I can only imagine how gorgeous this place is when the vines are full and bursting with vibrant green leaves and fresh grapes.
Basalt rock
Lookie there… A little older than what we were hoping to find, but success none the less.

All the heart eyes…

I mean… I probably wouldn’t have seen all this from the tasting room. 😏 #missbrightside

Dinner was 👌🏼. You’re kind of at the mercy of the resort’s restaurant Tendrils, because you are pretty much situated in the middle of nowhere. …but don’t worry, this is a good thing because their food is on point. Definitely in the top 5 of steak dinners I’ve had.

Prime rib steak w/ compound herb butter. 😋

By the time the evening had come, and the sun had set, the sky had covered with a light layer of clouds. I certainly was a little bummed because I was looking forward to some epic stargazing being out in a place with no city lights near by.  Also stars through the dome of our Yurt…obviously.

My husband happened to wake up around 2AM and the clouds had cleared and the Big Dipper was exactly situated in the little circle of our dome! Knowing how bummed I was, he woke me! …now that’s love. ❤️ Unfortunately, the Canon got left behind at home and the iPhone camera just couldn’t hang. But I got some great black rectangles. 😂

The next morning we woke up (whenever the heck we wanted btw) and headed over to breakfast. On Sundays they hold a buffet brunch of amazingness! Unfortunately you need reservations for this buffet brunch of amazingness. …pretty much reservations for all the meals mmmkay…😅. I don’t know about you but breakfast reservations just don’t work for me on vacation. Like, I just want to sleep in and be lazy, but at the same time get all the food in me as soon as I wake up. I mean, I even snacked on potato chips while my husband got ready. 🙈  Thankfully they let us sit at the bar- 5 o’clock somewhere right?!?

Happy “lucky” 7 to us!

We went back to the Yurt and packed up for checkout. After we loaded up the truck we headed off on a hiking adventure. They have a few trails that lead out directly from the resort as well as some pretty nice hikes near by.  We stuck to the resort trails this time, since we still had about a 3 hour drive home ahead of us.  …and when I say “stuck to the resort trails” I mean they were somewhere in the vicinity… we were actually trompsing through Sage brush game trails and up and down various rock faces … because deer sheds.

Like whoa!

The terrain here is just indescribable and so vastly different from the west side of the state. It amazes me how we can drive just a couple hours and feel like we are in a completely different world. 

While out hiking, I checked my geocaching app to see if there were any hidden treasures near by. Geocaching is something we started doing last year on our sons 4th birthday …and the kids really love it. 😏. Sure enough there was! It’s in a place that looks something like this… 😉

We traded a little army guy (what? you don’t walk around with little geocaching trinkets on hand? 🤔 #itsforthekids) for a pair of eyes.

Geocaching user name: wildinwanderland

We took a loop around through another canyon, past a small waterfall on the backside of the Gorge Amphitheater which is situated right next to the resort.  This is Washington’s premiere concert venue. Overall, our hike was a little over 3 miles long. We also found 1 more deer shed, but again, it was old and chewed up.

Fun fact #2: Dave Matthews would rent out the entire Cave B Resort when he played at the amphitheater every August. Last summer was Dave’s last year rocking out at the Gorge in George. ….Also, I’m not sure if every room features artwork from DMB concerts, but our room did.

Overall it was a wonderful little getaway! I would love to go back when everything is more lush, the weather is warmer, the pool is open, and we can stay more than just a night. Also, would love to stay in one of the cavern rooms or cliff houses next time!  

Home again, home again, jiggity jog.

Thank you Cave B for an amazing getaway! 

Purchase this print in the shop! Can’t find it? Purchase a custom print, requesting Cave B Inn! © Wild in Wanderland

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